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Under Construction

Yeah baby! It's 1995 all over again. Having an ugly, broken website is a good motivator to fix it. So we've just replaced the K-LUG website with a new wiki and are hoping people will help to copy the information over. If you want to help the old website is here.

LUG News

Technical Meeting: Thursday Feburary 16

Robert Nix will be giving a presentation on using Gimp, the image editor.

"Elections" are over

Tina Wood is the new K-LUG President. Kevin Neff will be the Vice-President. Jim Evans is the perpetual Treasurer (aka He Who Holds The Baggie)

Lunch: January 19

Lunch, 11:30 in the Galleria food court, next to the Chinese restaurant.

Technical Meeting: Thursday January 12

Come to the Distro Debate. Evangelize your distribution or bash gentoo. Steve Fox will be there to break up fistfights.

Presidential "elections" will also be held.

The meeting will be held in HC122.

Lunch: December 15

Lunch, 11:30 in the Galleria food court, next to the Chinese restaurant.

Technical Meeting: December 13

Meeting cancelled (due to Kevin's DSP homework)

Gaming Night: December 8th

Meet at X-Games in downtown Rochester at 6PM. Cost is $5 an hour, but new members get 1/2 off.

Technical Meeting: November 10th

November Means Swap Meet! Get rid of stuff you don't use any more.

K-LUG and the PC Interest Group's annual Swap and Shop sale will be on Thursday Nov 10th at 6pm. Clean out your closet of old/spare PC hardware, software and techy toys...or just show up to browse for good deals. Pizza and pop will be available Location is a slightly different room than our usually meetings: the Rochester Community Technical College / UCR Heinz Center, Room HB117b on Nov. 10, 2005

Let's start a ForSaleorWanted page. List the items you expect to bring or will bring if someone contacts you...also list the things you want to sell or trade.

Past Events

Looking for past events? See OldNews