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K-LUG - Rochester, MN Area Linux Users Group

Note: To request a wiki account, please join the mailing list and post a message.

We can use presentations for upcoming meetings, please see a list of ideas if you're willing but lacking a topic.

LUG News

We generally meet monthly for technical presentations (2nd Thursday of the month, 6 pm, RCTC), and monthly for socializing (varies). We no longer meet monthly for lunches, if you are interested in reviving this tradition please contact an officer.


August 30, 2022: Gmail is rejecting all of our emails, and our server has bounced all gmail addressed off the email list. If you have another email address you'd like to subscribe with in the meantime until our email admin can decipher and unwind the problem, feel free to do so, links are on the leftnav panel.

Cancelled - Meatspace Social: Friday September 23rd

6 pm

Let's all meet for some disc golf! We'll go to the new Driftless course at GameHaven. Please try to arrive by 6:00 PM, but I'm sure you can catch us on the course if you're a little late.

Rain, wonderful rain! But it's not so good for disc golf, we've cancelled for tonight.

Meatspace Social: Friday October 7th

5 pm

The RCTC disc golf course and an earlier than normal start time, as we try to race the impending darkness. We're easy to spot if you arrive late.

Virtual Social: Thursday October 13th

6 pm

Meeting link here.

Anything else you want to see on the agenda? Let Tim or Tina know.

Pending potential presentations

Jon Gullixson: gnucash or www :: Mechanize

Planned Socials: Fall or winter

-Murder mystery. The host needs to buy a kit at a gaming store to get the event started.

-Jim Henderson, "Silicon Valley" documentary

-Bowlocity laser tag. 5-6 people minimum needed.

-Liquid nitrogen ice cream. This needs a non-Tina organizer. Dennis DeLorme has 2 recipes. We need safety equipment and someone trained enough to keep us from freezing ourselves.

Old News Items

See the OldNews page.

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