June 2006 Minutes (Gimp)

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Robert Nix gave his much-anticipated GIMP presentation this evening, to a fairly large crowd and the sky wasn't falling in little white pieces. Robert did not disappoint. Among other things we learned that: -We can fix bugs! -Lighthouses have very uneven edges -Sailors have light level issues, fixing said issues can cause graininess (Editted: -The Enterprise has a semi-effective cloaking device, despite the Treaty of Algeron. Attempts to penetrate it result in a grainy image.) -We like fire -Getting a picture worth the time to edit sounds like more work than the actual editing process in GIMP, but that's not to say that the editing isn't time consuming -There's relatively little GIMP can't do compared to Photoshop, unless it's on a Mac, and then the GIMP selection click drives Robert nuts

Social - 6 pm, this Friday (June 16th). What is the activity of the evening? Frisbee golf! We'll be playing at the East Park frisbee golf course, which I've been informed is near the horseshoe pit. See http://www.ci.rochester.mn.us/departments/park/parks/pdf/main-all-web.pdf . East Park is #18, grid H7. I know nothing more about directions, so unless someone else on the list can provide more information, come a few minutes ahead of time to wander around looking for parking and the starting area like I will be. The ever informed Kevin A. says those of us who are uninitiated into the sport can get away with using a regular frisbee (and it's better than using your shoe, so bring it). If you have a frisbee golf disc, however, please bring that. In case anyone doesn't have anything more to throw than their shoes, please bring any spares you're willing to share.

Given the relative ease of organization, no need for a headcount, etc, plus the fact it's an OUTSIDE! activity to do during the summer, I'm hoping we'll hold more frisbee golf evenings. The other public course is at Slatterly park, apparently that one has a water hazard, so we'll cross our fingers we're up to that soon. And there's a private course at IBM, if this proves popular and we want a change in venue enough to harass our IBMer members into doing some facilities request paperwork for us.

We currently don't have a July meeting topic (Thursday July 13th). For a July meeting, PCIG has tentative plans to have a Ruby presentation. They might then join us at RCTC for a joint meeting. More as things firm up.

For their August meeting, PCIG is considering a game night. If we have enough interest and can talk them into it, they'll consider a joint game night at a location all of us can get to. But if that's the case, then let them know you'd want to play, and what/where. Options they're currently considering include: -bootable CD games (currently no known worthwhile games available this way, submit your 2 cents), location unspecified (maybe in an RCTC computer lab?) -X-Games -on site at IBM (not available to many of us), bring your own machine

Further in the future: -Mister House on-site presentation by Bruce Winter -PCIG text to speech presentation (tentative) -PCIG Java application for mobile phones (tentative)

Constructive comments? Suggestions? Boundless praise? We take those here. Whining, complaining, and general unpleasantness will either get you shoved out an airlock or "elected" President so you'll quit complaining and do something about it ;) Hope to see you Friday night, East Park, 6 pm.