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K-LUG members can GIMP with anyone, K-LUG has Paint Shop Pros, but K-LUG needs a new logo. Please submit your suggested K-LUG logo prior to our Feb 8th meeting.

Hints: the K was a stab at kewl and k-rad. klug doesn't stand for smart in German. Are goat logos in? Don't forget the dash. Can your logo be printed (or tattooed)? Is there a bonus for using the GIMP? We'll allow use of the Paint Shop Pro Free Trial

Default Logo: [[1]]

Logos by user who wishes to remain Anonymous

(freeware font sofachrome Italic from Ray Larabie http://www.larabiefonts.com, Minnesota map from Wikipedia.org, Tux from Larry Ewing)

Another Anonymous member offers:

Anon3 gives us the following:

Cabbey's entry: some variations are located on his smugmug account, and were updated Sat Feb 3.

Entries by Jon Tollefson:

Entry by Kevin Arhelger

I thought that we needed a little more humor. So I made a logo embodying the #klug irc channel.

Entry by Yet Another Anonymous Submitter