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Golgotha needs some attention sometimes. Here is the currrent TODO list.


  • Sendmail (working)
    • 'FIX TODAY: Slow response time due to spam measures' (grey listing turned off 02/17/2006)
    • Mailman
    • SSL/TLS (done)
    • AUTH (done)
    • Milter (on by default)
    • MIMEDefang (done)
    • ClamAV-milter (replaced with MIMEDefang) - Seems to be dying randomly, either a config issue or we need to setup MIMEdefang to run it instead (if possible).
    • SpamAssassin (MIMEDefang) - Installed port, not configured or running, also installed milter-spamd but not configured or running, see /root/milter-spamd.install.
    • SSL Certs (done)
  • IMAP / POP3
    • IMAP SSL
    • POP3 (need to recreate SSL cert)
  • PF
    • Tighten Rules down a bit (rules have been optimized to keep pf.conf shorter)
    • setup reactive monitoring to ban hosts that try to brute, excessively scan etc.
  • OS Patches (done)
    • 001-020
  • Ports - Update to latest Patch branch (done)
  • ClamAV
    • Install (done)
    • Configure cron to update rules. (done, freshclam is running as a daemon, see rc.local and rc.conf.local)


  • SNMP
    • Config (this should be done)
    • Verify that it is bound to localhost only
  • MRTG
    • Track fxp0 usage (done)
    • Track sendmail stats (partialy done)
    • Track Disk Usage
    • Track CPU Usage
    • Possibly track a few stat apps (IRC etc)
    • Possibly look into using rrdtool via Cacti
  • compat_linux(8)
    • Update Linux libs from centos
  • WWW
    • Migrate from OpenBSD Apache to current 2.2.0 Tree
    • Build PHP 5
    • setup SSL
    • verify userdirs are working properly.
  • Named
    • fix some of the lame config'd hosts.
  • IP Aliases (DONE)


  • Teamspeak
    • This is dependent on the linux libs. Currently it takes massive cpu time.
  • WWW
    • Setup a decent chroot system
  • Named
    • Check into the denied error when using ns-update remotely
  • System
    • Cleanup old accounts
      • User accounts
      • databases
      • websites
  • Wishlist
    • Jabber Server (May not be wise until hardware upgrade)


Hardware has been upgraded to an Intel Pentium4 3.2GHz, 1GB RAM, DFI 915P-TAG Motherboard. Also added two (2) 200GB Maxtor 6L200P0 drives for an eventual RAID 1 Mirror for home directories.